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Texto da Carolina Pereira

A Carolina mandou-me este pequeno texto há uns dias e, como tal, achei que devia publicá-lo por ser o testemunho de alguém que desabafa no papel e que não tem medo de mostrar os seus sentimentos. Obrigada Carolina!

«The output of Zayn was devastating for me. I was very sad about what people went to say, our society only looks good with insults everywhere. I find it sad when enjoyed with the people who died because of Zayn, simply with this not enjoy but somehow we should all be down here to support and not up there in heaven.
I'm Directioner since 2012 and since then I have received insults by my classmates because they think it is a stupid little band, I was sad many times but they always made me raise just hearing one of their songs and really am very grateful so why I became a stronger person and no longer recess me easily.
People criticize and will always think that they are a band of children and do not see that they grew up, they have responsibilities as all of us, they are normal.
I'm Directioner because their songs have made me to like me, the songs they do are felts to make us feel good about ourselves, they made me see that I'm beautiful in my own way, which I did not know and they do all this just for us. They are only a band trying to fulfill his dream, they make millions of fans around the world feel good with one smile of them , they love what they do, love to make one happy.
Now think they not only a band, they are One Direction, normal people who like to do as they do and should not be criticized for that.»
We can not forget that they are human and have feelings, how do you think that each one feels when listening million reviews horrible driven to themselves? Obviously they should not feel good but remain by Directioners, to view a smile upon each of them.
We all have a dream and they are carrying out their dream, since when that people is criticized for fulfill his dream?»
Written by Carolina Pereira, 13 anos, Lisboa

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